Port Charles: Moving Forward

Being a long time viewer of General Hospital can at times be funny, challenging, maddening and sometimes head pounding on a desk frustrating. But it never ceases to invigorate the creative process of fans through videos, vlogs, blogs and especially fan fiction.

So time to dust off the cobwebs and get back to writing about the show I love. This is going to be highlighting the past, incorporating the present and showcasing the greatness this show could be in at least the immediate future.

Disclaimer: General Hospital aka GH is the complete property of ABC network, and Buena Vista-Disney and the Hursley family. characters and story lines are being borrowed in a fun way.


Port Charles, NY

February, 2016

Metro Court Hotel:

Sam having breakfast with Carly talks to her about the recent problems that she’s having with Jake. Says how he was always friendly toward her and seemed comfortable around Danny, but now he’s being openly hostile.

Carly asks if it’s due to Jason moving out and breaking things off with Elizabeth, or if it’s because Jason is in some ways becoming closer to Sam which will eventually mean he’ll become closer to and spend more time with Danny. Maybe he’s just jealous of that in a nine year old, kind of way.

Sam says: “No. I’ve always encouraged Jason to be a part of Jake’s life. Even when we weren’t together it made me upset that he was willing to walk away from being a parent to him.” Carly nods in agreement.

Sam: “Jason was an amazing father figure to Michael and Morgan when they were younger and all of Liz’s boys think he hung the moon. I know whether he is with Liz or not he will try and be an important part of their lives. Especially since Lucky isn’t around right now and they need to have that in their lives. I just want him to become more a part of Danny’s life as well.”

Carly: “I know that he isn’t spending a lot of time with Danny right now. But that will change, the more he becomes himself again, the more he will remember how much he wanted kids with you. He loved your little girl, and before we lost him he wanted so much to be a father to Danny. He’s not going to miss that chance, now.”

Sam nods and then looks at her phone as it rings. “It’s from Liz’s house? Hope everything is okay?” Sam answers the call.

Carly looks up as Sam finishes the call: “Everything okay?”

Sam frowns: “That was Jake. Said someone is at the house and his mom isn’t home.”

Carly looks away and then says: “Why isn’t Jake at school? Why would Liz leave him alone in the house if there has been problems with break-ins or intruders? This whole thing just doesn’t seem right. Why is this supposed intruder only focused on Jake and not all three boys? Maybe this has something to do with Helena?”

Sam gets up: “I’m going to go over and check it out. Will call Jason on the way over.”

Carly: “Just be careful. If Jake already claimed that you are behind these break-ins, you don’t want to appear to be making him right. Make sure you call Jason on the way so he can meet you there.”

Sam nods and heads out.

Sam arrives at the Webber house and sees the door partially open and calls Jason again to see if he’s on the way. She looks around the outside and sees no footprints in the snow or porch and no signs of a car or person outside. She keeps her phone out and slowly pushes the door open. Before she can get all the way in, something knocks her out.

Jake stands over Sam’s unconscious body and smiles. He puts down Cam’s bat and picks her dropped phone up. He sends a text to Jason that everything is fine and he doesn’t need to come over. As Sam lies there. Jake throws and breaks things around the room.

Jake looks back at Sam to make sure she’s still out. He goes into the kitchen and comes back out with a lit candle. He lights the paper on fire that he tossed around the room. He then grabs his backpack and leaves out the front door, closing and locking it behind. He hops on his bike and rides over to Grams where he was supposed to be when he told his mom he didn’t feel well that morning.

Carly calls Jason to make sure everything is okay at the house. Jason calls back and says he got a text from Sam that he didn’t need to come everything was fine. Carly says Sam got a call from Jake saying that something was wrong. Sam wouldn’t have just sent Jason a text, she would’ve called to tell him if everything was okay. Jason tells Carly he’s still headed to the house to check and make sure, but says he knows that Jake is with Audrey (Grams) since he wasn’t feeling well that morning.

Carly tells Jason that Jake called Sam and that she was concerned enough from whatever he said to head right over to Liz’s house.

Jason pulls up to Liz’s house and sees Sam’s car and then smells the smoke. He runs to the house and calls out for Jake, Sam and Liz. He looks in the window and sees Sam unconscious on the floor. He breaks in the door and sees the room on fire. He picks up Sam and takes her out to the porch for safety, then goes back in to check the rest of the house for the kids or Liz. He dials for Fire emergency and Police assistance with ambulance.

Finding no one in the house, he heads back out to the porch to check on Sam. Bending down and looking at Sam he gets a memory flash of Sam previously hurt and unconscious. A wave of fear hits him as he sees a memory of Sam unresponsive and in his arms next to what appears as a train wreck.  He sees himself pleading with her to wake up and feels the panic he felt that she never would. Jason takes a deep breath and brushes her hair out of the way and looks at her. He starts to pick her up in his arms and cradles her there hoping the ambulance arrives quickly.

Jason: “Sam, wake up. Sam come on please wake up. I’m just getting you back, I can’t lose you now.” He rocks back and forth with Sam in his arms and looks up as the police, ambulance and fire arrive.

The ambulance wants to take Sam to the ER. The PCPD officer insists they have questions. Jason tells them it has to wait. He’s going with his wife to the hospital.

Lucas the ER attendant on duty takes over Sam’s care and advises Jason to wait. Suggest he better call Alexis and Julian to let them know Sam’s here. Jason calls Carly and let’s her know what happened and then calls Sam’s parents.

While Jason waits the PCPD officer arrives to get a statement. Say they also need to speak with the homeowner. Jason advises that homeowner is a nurse here and the officer goes to have her paged to the ER. While Jason is given a statement to the officer, Carly arrives followed by Alexis and Julian. He tells them all about what happened that Sam was still unconscious when they arrived at ER. Liz steps off the elevator to all the commotion. Jason apologizes for not letting her know what was going on and also that he’s not sure of the extant of damage to the house as he was focused on Sam’s injuries.

Liz pulls Jason aside and is very upset that her home was on fire, police had been called to the scene, Sam for some reason was again in her house uninvited and Jason didn’t even bother to think about calling her. Jason looks over at the curtain where Sam is still being looked over and back at Liz, he then apologizes and states she’s right.

Lucas comes out and Jason pushes pass Liz to find out about Sam. Liz is visibly upset to be dismissed by Jason and of course it’s about Sam, as always.

Jason to Lucas: “How’s my wife? How’s Sam?”

Lucas looks at Jason surprised, then looks at Carly, Alexis, Julian all anxious for information as well. “Sam has received a blow to back of the head. She also has some smoke inhalation and still has not regained conscious. We are taking her up for a Cat scan and will be monitoring her closely.”

Jason: “Can we see her?” Julian starts to protest but Alexis looks over at Jason and nods her head at Lucas.

Alexis: “He’s her husband and next to Danny he’s the first person she would want to see.”

Jason goes slowly into the room and looks at Sam immobile on the stretcher. He has another memory flash of Sam in a hospital bed, then a series of flashes occur. Sam on a rooftop, in a pit, on a stretcher, on a balcony and in the hospital with a bunch of machines all around her. Carly comes in. Jason looks up, pain etched in his face. Carly puts her hand on his shoulder.

Jason: “This has happened before? Her lying there and me waiting, hoping for her to wake up. This feeling of I don’t know terror that she won’t wake up.”

Carly: “Sam is tough. Growing up the way she did, she had to be. She has been in these situations before, but she always fights her way back for you. She always fights to stay for you.” Jason looks at Carly.

Carly: “The life you had before sometimes brought danger to Sam. But she chose to be in that life with you. She chose you. She always chooses you. And it used to be hard for me to accept that and I admit, I made it difficult for her a lot of the time. But I love you and what I want most for you is someone to love and accept you and your choices and she has always done that.”

Jason: “I’ve been so unfair to her. I feel this- this closeness to her but I keep fighting it. I don’t know if I can be who she needs me to be. If I can be who she remembers I was.” Liz stands outside the room listen to their conversation.

Carly: “All that Sam wants from you. All she has ever needed from you is to have you both love and accept each other faults and all. She needs for you to be a father to Danny. To be someone that he can depend on and that will love him with everything he deserves. She never had that growing up and she will accept nothing less for her son, for your son.”

Carly: “She loved you with everything that she was. She never truly believed that you were dead. It’s all of us, her family and friends that told her to accept that you were gone and move on with her life. But, I still don’t think that she ever did. She fought for you, she fought with you and I truly think Danny is the only thing that kept her from not coming back from the loss of you.”

Liz roles her eyes and continues to listen in.

Jason: “When she would describe her life with him, I mean me. When she would talk about how much she loved him. I always thought this guy was so incredibly lucky and stupid for risking all of that. For risking losing her and their life together. Sam is an incredible woman and mother. Despite the way we met me as Jake Doe, she still befriended me and had my back no matter what. I feel it. This pull or attraction. But I can’t-I can’t act on this until I’m whole, or me or I don’t know have an idea who this version of Jason is now with or without all those memories.”

Carly: “Sam wants you to accept yourself. When you lost your memories before, she was right by your side and fought for your health, safety and sanity. She would want to make a life with you memories or not. Make new memories. It’s what you did the last time and she would do the same thing now. It’s what we are all willing to do. You are Jason. You are the person we loved, depended on and most of all missed. We just need you to be willing to accept that from all of us.”

Liz grimaces and looks away.

Jason: “I just need her to wake up. I need to stop pulling away from these feelings and hurting her in the process. I need to step up for my son. Danny needs, deserves better from me. I need to be someone that Sam deserves to love.”

Carly: “You already are. You just have to start believing in yourself as much as all of us do. It’s not about your memories. It’s about your instincts. You know what you feel about Sam. You’ve always known. But you felt like you were betraying Elizabeth and you wouldn’t admit it. Why do you think Liz was willing to lie and manipulate you for all these months. She knew what you and Sam had. She could see how you were being pulled to Sam, depending on her even as a friend while you were with Liz.”

Liz a tear rolling down her face, nods and then turns and walks away. She can’t listen anymore.

Carly: “I’m going to give you some time with Sam. I’ll go call Sonny and wait outside for any news.” Carly turns to leave. Jason grabs her hand.

Jason: “Thanks Carly. You’re a good friend. Jason–I’m very lucky to have you.”

Carly smiles. “Go talk to your wife.”

Jason pulls up the chair next to the bed. He reaches for Sam’s hand and just looks at her. “I’m right here. I’ve got you. You need to wake up. I need to know that you’re okay. I need – I just need you to be okay.”

Sam squeezes his hand. Jason moves closer and calls her name. Sam opens her eyes and tries to focus on Jason’s voice. He smiles; “Hey. It’s about time you woke up. Only one of us can have head injuries at a time.”

Sam smiles and then grimaces. “What happened? Don’t tell me I’m in the hospital again. Really trying to break that habit.” Jason laughs.

Jason: “I found you at Liz’s house unconscious. There was a fire and it looked like someone got surprised by you and knocked you out. I- You scared me! I wasn’t sure if you were going to be okay and….”

Sam: “I’m okay. Is Jake alright? He called me. He sounded scared. I just wanted to make sure he was okay. I always have to make sure that Jake is okay. I owe him. I owe you.”

Jason: “What are you talking about? You don’t owe me anything. If anything I owe you. You keep having my back, now my kids back.”

Lucas comes into the room. “Hey. You know Sam if you need some sibling time all you have to do is call. Let’s not do it this way anymore.” He checks her over. “The parents are outside and Carly. I will let them know you’re awake and give you two some more time.” Lucas leaves.

Sam smiles at Lucas. “Thanks. Tell them I’m okay.” Sam looks over at Jason and looks away. “You don’t have to stay. My parents are here and Carly.”

Jason: “I know I don’t have to. I want too. I need to be here.”

Jason: “What did you mean when you said you owe Jake?”

Sam looks away. A tear falls down her cheek. “You won’t remember this because it was a long time ago. But we had a pretty brutal breakup and you did things to hurt me and then I in turn did things to hurt not only myself but you as well. But then I did something so horrible and people got hurt. Jake got hurt because of me. Even though you eventually forgave me. Everyone eventually forgave me. I guess I still never really forgave myself.”

Sam explains about their past break up and his relationship with Liz. She tells him how she slowly sank into anger and depression and allowed herself to strike out in ways that she still can’t believe that she did. She tells him about hiring the actors to pose and try and frighten Liz and the kids in the park and how Liz was not watching Jake for a moment and this woman kidnapped Jake. Sam witnessed it.

“I froze. A part of me knew to scream, or do something to stop her. But my mind just froze and I didn’t move or do anything and the woman got away. For a time there, you didn’t know where your son was. You didn’t know if he was safe. If you were going to get him back. And I didn’t tell right away. By the time I did the damage had been done and at the time wasn’t sure if you would ever forgive me.”

Jason just looks at her. Tears coming down her face. Pain etched across her forehead and in her eyes. He grabs her hand and kisses it.

Jason: “I loved you. I trusted you most of all. I married you. All that happened and I still loved and married you. Obviously I forgave you. And just so you know, I still do.”

“You’re an amazing mother. You would do anything for Danny. I’ve also seen you with Jake, you’re open, loving and he was comfortable with you. I forgive you Sam, it’s time you did as well.”

Jason walks toward the window, his shoulders slump. He states: “I remembered.”

Sam looks up. “Wait? You remembered something.”

Jason: “You. I remembered seeing you hurt and having this overwhelming feeling or sense of fear. All these moments flashed by, I guess times when you were hurt and I was scared or guess the right feeling was terrified to lose you. Carly said that you were strong and no matter how bad it got you would fight to stay, you would always fight to stay for me.”

Sam looked at Jason. “I would never leave you or my son. I loved our life. I accepted the risks of a life with you. I chose to have that life with you. No matter how many times you tried to push me away or protect me. I knew that a life with you was worth the risk. It still is. I will always fight for our family, my family. I’ll always fight for you.”

Jason walked over to Sam. He leaned forward and kissed her on the forehead. He turned to leave. “Sam, always do that okay. Always keep fighting, I just started to get everything back. To get you back. You leaving now is not an option.”

Sam smiles: “Jason, thanks for saving me. Thank you for always saving me.”

Alexis and Julian come in the room as Jason is leaving. He turns and shrugs at Sam and closes the door.

He goes down the hall and walks up to Carly. He smiles at her and gives her a hug.

Carly: “What was that for?”

Jason: “For being an amazing friend to me, memory or not I know that to be true.”

Jason: “I’m going to go check on Liz and the kids. See how badly the house is damaged. If anything comes up with Sam…..”

Carly: “I will call. I promise I will call you.”

Webber House

Liz arrived to find her front yard full of mud and melted snow. The front door boarded up. She’s glad that the boys are all with Grams and tries to figure out how to get all this repaired before they come home. She turns as Jason pulls up to the house.

Jason: “Wow. It didn’t look like this before. Are the boys still at your grandmother’s place?”

Liz looks over at Jason. “Yeah, think I will leave them over there until I figure out how to fix this.”

Jason: “Of course, I’ll help with that.”

Jason: “Look Elizabeth. What you did. The lies and manipulation I’m not saying I have forgiven that. Hell, I’m still trying to understand why you did this and how I couldn’t see what was obvious and right under my nose. I knew I felt drawn to Sam.

I knew that being with Danny felt like something more then me just enjoying a great kid. I knew that the connection to Carly felt like more then just a new friendship. But I chose to push all my doubts and instincts aside and focus on what was in front of me and deal with my present and not look to deeply into my past.

As much as I blame you for all of this. I blame myself for causing more pain to Sam by not looking into who I was before and what I might have left behind before my accident. I can look at this and realize that I played a part in hurting the people that mattered to me, especially my wife and son.”

Liz: “I wanted the life with you that I had dreamed of. No violence. No mob. No Sonny and Carly. No feeling obligated to Carly’s kids. Most of all No Sam. I just wanted for once for someone to choose to be with me. To stay with me. Everyone leaves. Ric, Lucky, even my parents. And even though you never chose me unless it was out of obligation or guilt. This time you chose me. You feel for me. You asked me to marry you and it wasn’t because you were hurt, or felt guilty.”

Jason: “I chose you, because you never let me know there was someone else. That there was something else. I had a wife I loved. A son. I had friends and family that were missing me. That were mourning me. And you tried to build a life with me based on a lie.

What were you going to do if or when I remembered. Were you hoping I would feel so obligated or Sam would be so wrapped up in a life with Patrick that I wouldn’t care that I missed seeing, knowing or loving my son, or my wife.”

Jason: “You never would’ve had a life with me. You would’ve had a foundation of lies and deception and we still would’ve ended up right where we are now. But now we have hurt 5 children in the process. Emma and Danny deserved better then this. Hell, you’re own kids deserved better then this from you. How do you hope to teach them to be honest and truthful. To be men of honor when you live a life of dishonor and lies.”

Liz: “I will raise my boys to be good men. To be strong, independent and know that I will always be someone they can count on. I will not raise my kids the way I was raised or the way Luke raised Lucky. I know that you will want to get your family with Sam and Danny back. If it hadn’t been for all the people that did this to you, including me you never would’ve lost them. For that I am sorry. I don’t regret the time I got with you or the family we tried to build. But I am sorry for the look I see from you knowing that you no longer trust me or consider me someone you can call friend.”

Liz walks away from the ruined house. Most of all she walks away from the relationship she ruined.

Jason watches as Liz leaves. He looks at the house, a burned out shell of the home it used to be. No matter what his feelings for Elizabeth are, for seven months she gave him a safe place, a sense of family and it was a home for all of her boys. Jason makes a call.

General Hospital

Jason walks into the doorway of Sam’s room. He overhears her answering questions from a detective. As he begins to enter her next statement stops him.

Sam:”Look, detective. You can ask me the same questions a dozen different ways and you will get the same answer. I don’t know who hit me. I don’t know how the fire begin and I have nothing else to add to my statement. Now you can leave or I will ask someone to escort you out.” Sam looks over and sees Jason in the doorway.

Jason:”I believe she asked you to leave. More then once. Would be a shame if her mother, an attorney by the way filed a harassment suit against your department.” Jason moved to allow him to leave.

Detective:”We know that you were struck from behind. We know that someone set that fire. We know that you have a tendency to keep quiet when it comes to mob business or Mr. Morgan here. We will keep looking for the answers and we will get at the truth.”

Sam sighs and slumps against the pillows and closes her eyes. Jason comes further into the room and looks at her concerned. Sam opens her eyes.

Jason:”Jake did this. Didn’t he? You are covering for my son. Why? He could’ve killed you. You would’ve died and that would have been because my son with Elizabeth tried to hurt you.”

Sam:”It doesn’t matter. In his mind I destroyed his family. By telling you the truth about Elizabeth, I took you away from the safety and security he was getting used to since he returned home. I can’t be the one to let him get into more trouble or to be punished for this.”

Jason walks over to Sam and sits down. He picks up her hand and kisses it. Then he looks into her eyes and smiles. “I may not remember loving you. I may not ever remember all of it. But I do know that right now in this moment. I care about you. I trust you. And if something had happened to you…..” Jason looks away.

Sam reaches out for his hand. “I have all these amazing memories of our life together. I remember knowing you, loving you and how it felt to receive the same from you. But, I can’t just stay in the past and what was. I have to make a life and a future for my son, for our son. So I can move forward into the future and we can see if we have anything based on who we are, who you are now. Or I can let you go and you can try to forgive Elizabeth and maybe build the life you thought you wanted with her.”

Jason looks at Sam. He smiles. “The life I had in the past with you may or may not come back. More then anything I want to remember my life with you. I want to remember loving you. But right here in this moment, I know that a life with you, with Danny is what I want to build toward. Sam, we are moving forward and nothing and no one will ever get in the way of that.” He kisses her on the forehead and sits back down.

Sam with tears in her eyes looks at Jason. “I never expected to get a second chance with you. Everyone tried to convenience me you were gone and to move on from my sake and Danny’s. I tried. I did. But a long time ago I gave you my trust and then my heart and even though we’ve had tough times and we’ve hurt each other sometimes along the way, you have never not been the other half of my heart. Our son was conceived in that love. Every time I look at him I see you and know that falling out of love with you was never an option.”

Jason:”I have to get Jake some help. He’s my son and I need to make sure he won’t hurt you or anyone else ever again. And I have to have Diane set up some kind of legal visitation arrangement so that Elizabeth can’t use him or keep him from me.”

Sam looks away, “You know legally Jake isn’t yours. You have no rights where he’s concerned. She convinced you to give them up and allow everyone to believe Lucky was his father. Most people still knew the truth. But you didn’t want the mob to use him against you or place him in danger. Besides Lucky used to be an amazing father to those boys. He loved them with everything he had. He didn’t care if they weren’t biologically his, he just simply loved and did his best for them.”

Jason: “So what happened? Why is he not around now? He barely has any contact with the boys.”

Sam:”Liz! They’ve had problems. They weren’t perfect. But Lucky loved Liz with everything he had. When she betrayed him and lied to him about Jake it took awhile but they found away back to each other for the boys. But her betrayal with Nikolas his brother was too much. And when he thought Aiden may not have been his he got lost in his anger and hurt. He lost his sobriety and his way. He was bouncing back from all of it but then losing Jake, then his new wife was just too much. I hope he finds his way home. I hope that he returns to be the father that Cam and Aiden can be proud of. And that he signs off on allowing you to be Jake’s legal father. But you have to realize that no matter what. You loved your son then and you love him now. Whether you’re mad at Liz or not that doesn’t change.”

Jason looks at Sam and smiles. “You need to get some rest. Close your eyes.”

Sam:”I don’t want to wake up and find you gone. I did that everyday since you disappeared that night. I just can’t do it again.”

Jason:”I’m not going anywhere. That chair looks really comfy and did you know that there’s an endless supply of coffee. I almost lost you last night. I’m not going to let that happen again.”

Knock on Sam’s hospital door. Kristina and Molly come in with huge smiles and flowers. “Surprise, we thought you could use a special visitor.” Danny peeks around Kristina and runs over to Jason. Jason lifts him up and gives him a long hug. He then sits Danny on the bed with Sam and he scampers up to give her a hug.

Kristina and Molly leave the room and allow the three of them some alone time.

Danny: “Momma has an owie. I had an owie and you kissed and make’d it better. So he gives her a big kiss on the cheek. “All better now.”

Sam:”That kiss was the best medicine.” She tickles Danny and laughs along with him. She snuggles him closer and just smells that sweet baby boy smell all sunshine, baby powder and love. Danny begins to fall asleep. Jason moves to take him and notices that Sam is falling asleep as well. He covers them both over and dims the lights. Then goes and sits back in the “comfy” chair and watches over his family. He smiles. “His Family.” That has a familiar ring to it.

This whole moving forward idea glad we thought of it. Getting to know and love Samantha Morgan was going to be a pleasure. Of course if you were to ask Carly, she would say I already do. Jason smiled and looked at his wife and son asleep in each others arms. Once again, Carly would probably be right.

The End













The GH Francophrenia Apology Tour

So have tried to Bite My Tongue and just sit back and enjoy the unfolding of the conversion of Robert Frank from the Twisted, Vile, Disgusting, Poorly Acted, Artistic Crapfest that came from James Franco, JFP, Frons and BG to the Oh my, He’s just Psychotically Driven and Playfully Crazy version of Roger Howarth as the re-vamped version of Robert Frank or as he likes it FrankQ the missing Quartermaine.

So let’s take a look at the Francophrenia Tour of Apologies:

Sam Morgan:”Sorry I drugged you (again), stalked you, terrorized you and virtually raped you on screen in front of your husband on your honeymoon. Was just trying to teach him to be nice and play well with others.Beside, I closed my eyes when I drugged you and took your naked body to bed, I didn’t peek. Cross my heart!” #My-Bad!!

Sam Morgan:”Sorry I drugged you, kidnapped you from your apartment, placed you in a plastic box with explosives wired to it and tormented your family, friends and boyfriend with your safety being in danger. But hey, the explosives were fake. So were all good right.” (Oh right, he hasn’t apologized for this one yet!!)

Lesley Lu Spencer:”Dear LuLu, So sorry tried to blow you up. But it’s kind of your fault. Was looking for Maxie and you just happened to be there. If you had just stuck to NEVER being at work or doing your job then Maxie would have been on the bomb not you. Beside Look I helped you fall in love with Dante and now your all married and happy. See this was a good mitzvah from me. Thanks for helping me plan the party. It was really great. Glad we can be Besties now.” Love FrancQ

Josslyn Jane Jacks:”Your Mom says you did not like my artistic vision for your nursery. That all pink room was hideous and with my graffiti art you could get a great price and maybe fantastic “Junior Carly” wardrobe. Beside it was Non-Toxic spray and you slept through it all. so we can just move along. ” Kisses from Uncle Franco

Damian Spinelli:”Sorry slept with your girl first night I met her. But hey I’m Sexy and I know it and Maxie likes a little bad in her man. Beside she had a great time. I’m Famous and Rich and your well, NOT.” peace out!

Michael Corinthos:”So now that I showed you the alternative ending DVD of my ingenious plan to cause you more of a scare in prison then a nightmare that remains with you forever, we can build that Uncle/Nephew bond. See I meant for Carter to protect you not seduce you. Who know he was a bad guy? Mean he could have been wrongly incarcerated after all you were. Beside if that insipid Governor and silly District Attorney did not slow Jason from getting to the prison then you would have been okay. So really it’s their fault that your protection fell apart. In any case, I survived been molested in prison and grew to become a successful artist and businessman and can help you now that Jason’s gone to become one also.” So Bygones.

Dear Jason: “So your like Dead. That is such a Bummer! Wanted the game to continue and for us to bond like the brothers we were meant to be. We share so much in common. Killing people and getting away with it. Intimidation as a strength not a weakness. Dealing with our Crazy Aunt Heather, well she’s all kinds of Nutty isn’t she. But since I win the game, just want you to know that you were a fun opponent and if you had better technical assistance from Spinelli, or better aim when upset or vulnerable then you would have won. Oh Well, Next time.”

Well I just feel all kind of warm fuzziness for the funny that is Robert Frank. I mean hey he is a twisted, vile character that no matter if Spencer Tracy was playing him would be a disgusting. There were a thousand other choices that could have incorporated Howarth to the Quartermaines and still made him a fun, viable, character that would high light his quirkiness and great chemistry with both Comedy or Drama.

But, barn is closed and the Wyld Stallion of Crazy is running along the pasture of crap that is this storyline and character. Hope everyone has their boots on. Crap can spread and ruin a lot of things along the way.

But it’s okay because it’s Sorry!




Life in a Soap Opera World

Many of us today were blessed with Amazing Woman who gave us a great gift Daytime Dramas (Soap Operas). These Women of Vision Grandmother’s, Aunt’s, Caregivers, Mother’s taught us that from 9am to 3pm that the magic of television would grace us with stories of Family, Romance, Love, Friendship, Rivalry and Fantasy.

We came to welcome into our homes small towns like Pine Valley, Port Charles, Springfield, Genoa City, Llanview and Salem. We knew that at holiday time we would share Fourth of July with a Bauer Burger from “Guiding Light”, Christmas with the Horton’s of Salem’s “Days of our Lives” decorating the tree with Horton ornaments and memories. We knew that Thanksgiving was Pizza time with the “General Hospital” Quartermaine’s of Port Charles and it would include Laughter and Love.

Along the way Soaps became a teacher showing us the pain and truth of living with Cancer, War, Chronic Illness and AIDS. It presented us with memorable storytelling that even today resonate in our hearts and minds.

Mention “BJ’s Heart” from General Hospital and a collective sigh comes out and everyone remembers their favorite moment or memory of that storyline. Or say the names Stone and Robin and see that moment of sadness when you remember a painful, honest, well told lesson in Love and Loss.

All of daytime has presented their view of the world as it changed and told stories that encapsulated those changes into a forum that could reach the hearts and minds of a large audience. And then it brought us the other side……

Comedy, Fantasy, Nonsensical stories of Witches, Aliens, Vampires, Clones, and the ever-changing world of mental illness originally told with compassion, heart and love and now with utter disregard, Villainy and now infamy.

The landscape of daytime was originally for women and treated them as intelligent, beautiful, talented and sometimes deceptive, manipulative or strong-willed creatures that were always fascinating to watch.

Now often these women are being portrayed as nothing more than props to the male dominated landscape of ego and power. They are the arm candy and bed time playthings for their pleasure. They are woman who are in service to please the Man of the Minute instead of the Woman of the future. They are subservient, guileless and willing to place their physical and emotional well-being to the side to make sure that his every need and want is met first.

I have always admired the Phoebe Wallingford, Alexandria Spaulding, Iris Cory. Helena Cassadine Lila Quartermaine and Geraldine Whitney’s of our Soap Past because they were STRONG, INTELLIGENT Women. Who were still Ladies of Substance and Worth. They did what was necessary for their families but they maintained they independence and sense of self and you could see the true power for the man was inside that woman.

I miss that about today’s Soap Heroines. I also am sad that is not a legacy that the new generation of soap characters and teen viewers are not gaining as well.

The simple storyline is “You Matter”. No Man should come before the things that matter:”Your sense of self, your family, friendships and especially your children!”

The simple lesson should be the basic foundation of any storyline. Yes, you will make mistakes, or hurt someone you care about, or cheat or lie but you will not dishonor or disrespect yourself to achieve something that will not sustain or matter in the end.

The reasons that the prime time SOAPS are seeing a resurgence is because they went back to the basics. FAMILY, FRIENDSHIP, VILLAINS and HEROES. Dallas, Scandal, Revenge, Once Upon a Time & Deception have gone back to the first lesson in writing anything….TELL ME A STORY!…..

wish Daytime remembers that lesson again soon

R U Kidding Me GH!

I Know bet you think this is going to be about Caleb, John and the land of the Vampires. HA! you are now officially wrong.

So let’s put away your assumptions of what I intend to say and let me say what is actually on my mind.

R.U.Kidding Me General Hospital!

The Quartermaine’s have spent more time, energy and their limited emotional existence worried, exasperated and fearful over a JAR OF PICKLE RELISH that is technically older then dirt and should be rancid!

They have placed not a minute of care, concern or fear into the kidnapping or Daniel Edward (Quartermaine) Morgan or his mother. They have spent not a second to ask, care, inquiry or give a CRAP about his well being after being kidnapped not ONCE but TWICE within a 24 hour period of time.

They have contacted Police and Private Investigator Damian Spinelli to search for the missing Jar of Green Goop, but not to see if their Grandson, Nephew, Great Nephew or Sister (Daughter) in Law are alive, well and SAFE!!

As for Michael Alan Morgan Corinthos the 3rd. He can just BITE ME!!!

This show has done back flips for TWENTY-One (soap years) about the LIFE, HEALTH, SAFETY, WELL-BEING, CUSTODY of and what is BEST for this ungrateful, insensitive, asinine, self absorbed, could give a crap about anyone but “Girlfriend of the Second” Starr Manning and “Poppa All About Me” Alan James Quartermaine.

Jason Morgan and Samantha McCall Morgan have on a consistent basis turned their lives, household and hearts upside down for the welfare of Michael. Jason has Loved, Raised, Protected, Provided, Given every bit of his heart, mind and body to his Nephew (son) up to and including GOING TO JAIL!!!!

Sam has since the moment she and Sonny connected put Michael’s happiness and well being over her own. Michael and Lila is what “Gave her Jason” and she has herself given her heart, mind, body and soul to protect him. From himself, from his kidnappings, near deaths, bad decisions, running off to Mexico, shooting Kate, killing Claudia, going to prison the results of his time in prison and of course his recovery of that experience. She also “Gave Him” his First Love, Abby.

The fact that he has shown NO INTEREST in Sam’s welfare or well being. That he has not STEPPED in and up to be the Protector and Person for DANNY that Jason was for him, the MAN that Jason RAISED him TO BE!! Is GETTING ON MY LAST NERVE…..

The fact that he has no interest in the welfare of Kristina or Molly. Shows no memory of Josslyn or Morgan is just STUPID!! Molly is in JAIL. HE came and acted like an ASS when AJ a GROWNUP was in lock up but for Molly his fifteen year old cousin (pseudo-sister) he could give TWO SH*TS!!

Am so behind hoping for Monica Quartermaine to have any role in the storyline involving her family. Or for actually seeing her be the grandmother to Danny that she was not able to be with Michael or (Jake). A Chief of Staff of General Hospital that is NEVER at work or involved in Patient Deaths, Student Nursing issues, or the “Doctor’s Gone Wild or “Return to Sweet Valley General Hospital High” that we are currently in.

Is there ever going to be an EXPLANATION for why Damian Spinelli and Mariah Maxmillana Jones are no longer part of Sam McCal Morgan’s world? Are we ever going to know why the are now virtual strangers after being best friends, and family since 2006.

Is there ever going to be an EXPLANATION as to why “Uncle Sonny and “Aunt” Carly have set back and had NO INVOLVEMENT with Daniel? The only LIVING son of their best friend, brother, protector and family for well over TWENTY years.This child again has no interaction with them unless by mistake when they all stand on the faded blood stained dock of death and romance, or wax poetically about Kate and Todd!!

Jason the guy who was there every single second for their kids. Who loved their kids and placed their lives and happiness before his own and even before that of his “son” Jake!

Maybe someday we can find out how Spinelli went from wealthy cyber chic geek with money in off shore accounts and on line gambling riches not to mention ALL the MONEY he made from Lorenzo Alcazar, Jason Morgan and Sonny Corinthos. This Man-Child who has not paid a “LICK of RENT” in New York City since 2006. Who exists on only BBQ chips and Orange Soda. Who has a detective agency bought and paid for by JASON MORGAN And SAMANTHA McCALL has no money WHY???

Is there a reason that Maxie who has not worked since Crimson folded has this imaginary income of unlimited resources since they made Uncle Mac a bar back and Kate the poster child for the dysfunctional employer of the year?

So I get from the writer’s tweet that a hope of a memorial service is off in the vast horizon of heck no, he’s not on our show! BUT, exactly how is Sonny running the business or Sam accessing accounts if NO ONE ever bother’s to have him declared “Legally Dead” or even better READS THE WILL!!! His assets and business interests should be LOCKED up tighter then Kate Howard’s Hair Bun without the will being filed as we just witnessed with the reading of Edward’s will.

And so glad that BILLIONAIRE Nicolas Cassadine has had his home turned into “Psycho’s Are Us Residence home for the criminally insane.” Nice of Alexis to take an interest in all the comings, goings and SQUATTING that Cassie, Ewen, Heather, Todd, Lucy and Caleb have done in his home. Awesome that she keeps the power on and house well dusted for those unaccepted guests of the Criminally Insane.

Maybe we can make it the new hangout of fun. You know come squat at Wyndemeare yes it;s on an island u can only get to by boat launch and that technically should be unreachable in the WINTERS of NEW YORK CITY but it’s an awesome party pad. Molly Rafe and TJ can make it the place to hold Rave’s.

But if that’s to far we always have the DOCK of Love and Death, Pier 52. Where even the ducks like to hang out and all the toddler set and 9 month old love to be.

So as far as the 3 refugees. Stay! Go! But put on your Pull Ups and own it. The relaunching of OLTL on internet is going to be an uphill fight and you should enter a battle with all your “Best Weapons” in place. You are the characters that the core audience loves and identifies with. You are the story lines that they invested their time and hearts into and wanted Resolution for and you are one of a set of steps that leads up to success or failure for this revival. Not saying you have to stay on it forever but help get it off the ground in the STRONGEST POSITION Possible. Help it succeed and restore the core audience, the newly intrigued and the potential future viewers to come and experience this hard fought for, well deserved, opportunity to become something new, innovative and successful. (of course ONLY MY OPINION)

As far as the land of NOD to past shows of non success with a fantastical world or serial killing twin doppelgangers who think they are Vampires. Grown Women who think they are Vampire Slayers and the Artistic Bent of Freako the serial killing, honeymoon rape-mancer son of a Quartermaine by forgotten twin birth. Sure, Whatever. But then again I was a fan of Casey the Alien, The Ice Princess that FROZE the world, Jerry Jacks and Heather Webber (Team Un-Destructible) and or course, Pathogen a Love Story.

I have watched General Hospital since I was FIVE!! I remember Audrey, Jessie, Lucille, Dan, Ruby, Gail, Lee and even when Monica/Rick/Jeff was the Lucky/Liz/Nicolas of that time. I have put up with a lot of “OMG!!” and “R U Kidding!!” me moments on this show and usually we had the one component in place that allowed you to get through the rest.

LOVE!! Love of best friends, siblings, co-workers, partners in crime, parents & spouses. There was ROMANCE. SWEEPS had ROMANCE. ABC was the network of LOVE in the AFTERNOON. If you want to know what I miss or what is my R U KIDDING ME GH moment. most of all. I miss watching couples in love and falling in love right along with them.

But again. Just My Opinion!!!