Life in a Soap Opera World

Many of us today were blessed with Amazing Woman who gave us a great gift Daytime Dramas (Soap Operas). These Women of Vision Grandmother’s, Aunt’s, Caregivers, Mother’s taught us that from 9am to 3pm that the magic of television would grace us with stories of Family, Romance, Love, Friendship, Rivalry and Fantasy.

We came to welcome into our homes small towns like Pine Valley, Port Charles, Springfield, Genoa City, Llanview and Salem. We knew that at holiday time we would share Fourth of July with a Bauer Burger from “Guiding Light”, Christmas with the Horton’s of Salem’s “Days of our Lives” decorating the tree with Horton ornaments and memories. We knew that Thanksgiving was Pizza time with the “General Hospital” Quartermaine’s of Port Charles and it would include Laughter and Love.

Along the way Soaps became a teacher showing us the pain and truth of living with Cancer, War, Chronic Illness and AIDS. It presented us with memorable storytelling that even today resonate in our hearts and minds.

Mention “BJ’s Heart” from General Hospital and a collective sigh comes out and everyone remembers their favorite moment or memory of that storyline. Or say the names Stone and Robin and see that moment of sadness when you remember a painful, honest, well told lesson in Love and Loss.

All of daytime has presented their view of the world as it changed and told stories that encapsulated those changes into a forum that could reach the hearts and minds of a large audience. And then it brought us the other side……

Comedy, Fantasy, Nonsensical stories of Witches, Aliens, Vampires, Clones, and the ever-changing world of mental illness originally told with compassion, heart and love and now with utter disregard, Villainy and now infamy.

The landscape of daytime was originally for women and treated them as intelligent, beautiful, talented and sometimes deceptive, manipulative or strong-willed creatures that were always fascinating to watch.

Now often these women are being portrayed as nothing more than props to the male dominated landscape of ego and power. They are the arm candy and bed time playthings for their pleasure. They are woman who are in service to please the Man of the Minute instead of the Woman of the future. They are subservient, guileless and willing to place their physical and emotional well-being to the side to make sure that his every need and want is met first.

I have always admired the Phoebe Wallingford, Alexandria Spaulding, Iris Cory. Helena Cassadine Lila Quartermaine and Geraldine Whitney’s of our Soap Past because they were STRONG, INTELLIGENT Women. Who were still Ladies of Substance and Worth. They did what was necessary for their families but they maintained they independence and sense of self and you could see the true power for the man was inside that woman.

I miss that about today’s Soap Heroines. I also am sad that is not a legacy that the new generation of soap characters and teen viewers are not gaining as well.

The simple storyline is “You Matter”. No Man should come before the things that matter:”Your sense of self, your family, friendships and especially your children!”

The simple lesson should be the basic foundation of any storyline. Yes, you will make mistakes, or hurt someone you care about, or cheat or lie but you will not dishonor or disrespect yourself to achieve something that will not sustain or matter in the end.

The reasons that the prime time SOAPS are seeing a resurgence is because they went back to the basics. FAMILY, FRIENDSHIP, VILLAINS and HEROES. Dallas, Scandal, Revenge, Once Upon a Time & Deception have gone back to the first lesson in writing anything….TELL ME A STORY!…..

wish Daytime remembers that lesson again soon


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