R U Kidding Me GH!

I Know bet you think this is going to be about Caleb, John and the land of the Vampires. HA! you are now officially wrong.

So let’s put away your assumptions of what I intend to say and let me say what is actually on my mind.

R.U.Kidding Me General Hospital!

The Quartermaine’s have spent more time, energy and their limited emotional existence worried, exasperated and fearful over a JAR OF PICKLE RELISH that is technically older then dirt and should be rancid!

They have placed not a minute of care, concern or fear into the kidnapping or Daniel Edward (Quartermaine) Morgan or his mother. They have spent not a second to ask, care, inquiry or give a CRAP about his well being after being kidnapped not ONCE but TWICE within a 24 hour period of time.

They have contacted Police and Private Investigator Damian Spinelli to search for the missing Jar of Green Goop, but not to see if their Grandson, Nephew, Great Nephew or Sister (Daughter) in Law are alive, well and SAFE!!

As for Michael Alan Morgan Corinthos the 3rd. He can just BITE ME!!!

This show has done back flips for TWENTY-One (soap years) about the LIFE, HEALTH, SAFETY, WELL-BEING, CUSTODY of and what is BEST for this ungrateful, insensitive, asinine, self absorbed, could give a crap about anyone but “Girlfriend of the Second” Starr Manning and “Poppa All About Me” Alan James Quartermaine.

Jason Morgan and Samantha McCall Morgan have on a consistent basis turned their lives, household and hearts upside down for the welfare of Michael. Jason has Loved, Raised, Protected, Provided, Given every bit of his heart, mind and body to his Nephew (son) up to and including GOING TO JAIL!!!!

Sam has since the moment she and Sonny connected put Michael’s happiness and well being over her own. Michael and Lila is what “Gave her Jason” and she has herself given her heart, mind, body and soul to protect him. From himself, from his kidnappings, near deaths, bad decisions, running off to Mexico, shooting Kate, killing Claudia, going to prison the results of his time in prison and of course his recovery of that experience. She also “Gave Him” his First Love, Abby.

The fact that he has shown NO INTEREST in Sam’s welfare or well being. That he has not STEPPED in and up to be the Protector and Person for DANNY that Jason was for him, the MAN that Jason RAISED him TO BE!! Is GETTING ON MY LAST NERVE…..

The fact that he has no interest in the welfare of Kristina or Molly. Shows no memory of Josslyn or Morgan is just STUPID!! Molly is in JAIL. HE came and acted like an ASS when AJ a GROWNUP was in lock up but for Molly his fifteen year old cousin (pseudo-sister) he could give TWO SH*TS!!

Am so behind hoping for Monica Quartermaine to have any role in the storyline involving her family. Or for actually seeing her be the grandmother to Danny that she was not able to be with Michael or (Jake). A Chief of Staff of General Hospital that is NEVER at work or involved in Patient Deaths, Student Nursing issues, or the “Doctor’s Gone Wild or “Return to Sweet Valley General Hospital High” that we are currently in.

Is there ever going to be an EXPLANATION for why Damian Spinelli and Mariah Maxmillana Jones are no longer part of Sam McCal Morgan’s world? Are we ever going to know why the are now virtual strangers after being best friends, and family since 2006.

Is there ever going to be an EXPLANATION as to why “Uncle Sonny and “Aunt” Carly have set back and had NO INVOLVEMENT with Daniel? The only LIVING son of their best friend, brother, protector and family for well over TWENTY years.This child again has no interaction with them unless by mistake when they all stand on the faded blood stained dock of death and romance, or wax poetically about Kate and Todd!!

Jason the guy who was there every single second for their kids. Who loved their kids and placed their lives and happiness before his own and even before that of his “son” Jake!

Maybe someday we can find out how Spinelli went from wealthy cyber chic geek with money in off shore accounts and on line gambling riches not to mention ALL the MONEY he made from Lorenzo Alcazar, Jason Morgan and Sonny Corinthos. This Man-Child who has not paid a “LICK of RENT” in New York City since 2006. Who exists on only BBQ chips and Orange Soda. Who has a detective agency bought and paid for by JASON MORGAN And SAMANTHA McCALL has no money WHY???

Is there a reason that Maxie who has not worked since Crimson folded has this imaginary income of unlimited resources since they made Uncle Mac a bar back and Kate the poster child for the dysfunctional employer of the year?

So I get from the writer’s tweet that a hope of a memorial service is off in the vast horizon of heck no, he’s not on our show! BUT, exactly how is Sonny running the business or Sam accessing accounts if NO ONE ever bother’s to have him declared “Legally Dead” or even better READS THE WILL!!! His assets and business interests should be LOCKED up tighter then Kate Howard’s Hair Bun without the will being filed as we just witnessed with the reading of Edward’s will.

And so glad that BILLIONAIRE Nicolas Cassadine has had his home turned into “Psycho’s Are Us Residence home for the criminally insane.” Nice of Alexis to take an interest in all the comings, goings and SQUATTING that Cassie, Ewen, Heather, Todd, Lucy and Caleb have done in his home. Awesome that she keeps the power on and house well dusted for those unaccepted guests of the Criminally Insane.

Maybe we can make it the new hangout of fun. You know come squat at Wyndemeare yes it;s on an island u can only get to by boat launch and that technically should be unreachable in the WINTERS of NEW YORK CITY but it’s an awesome party pad. Molly Rafe and TJ can make it the place to hold Rave’s.

But if that’s to far we always have the DOCK of Love and Death, Pier 52. Where even the ducks like to hang out and all the toddler set and 9 month old love to be.

So as far as the 3 refugees. Stay! Go! But put on your Pull Ups and own it. The relaunching of OLTL on internet is going to be an uphill fight and you should enter a battle with all your “Best Weapons” in place. You are the characters that the core audience loves and identifies with. You are the story lines that they invested their time and hearts into and wanted Resolution for and you are one of a set of steps that leads up to success or failure for this revival. Not saying you have to stay on it forever but help get it off the ground in the STRONGEST POSITION Possible. Help it succeed and restore the core audience, the newly intrigued and the potential future viewers to come and experience this hard fought for, well deserved, opportunity to become something new, innovative and successful. (of course ONLY MY OPINION)

As far as the land of NOD to past shows of non success with a fantastical world or serial killing twin doppelgangers who think they are Vampires. Grown Women who think they are Vampire Slayers and the Artistic Bent of Freako the serial killing, honeymoon rape-mancer son of a Quartermaine by forgotten twin birth. Sure, Whatever. But then again I was a fan of Casey the Alien, The Ice Princess that FROZE the world, Jerry Jacks and Heather Webber (Team Un-Destructible) and or course, Pathogen a Love Story.

I have watched General Hospital since I was FIVE!! I remember Audrey, Jessie, Lucille, Dan, Ruby, Gail, Lee and even when Monica/Rick/Jeff was the Lucky/Liz/Nicolas of that time. I have put up with a lot of “OMG!!” and “R U Kidding!!” me moments on this show and usually we had the one component in place that allowed you to get through the rest.

LOVE!! Love of best friends, siblings, co-workers, partners in crime, parents & spouses. There was ROMANCE. SWEEPS had ROMANCE. ABC was the network of LOVE in the AFTERNOON. If you want to know what I miss or what is my R U KIDDING ME GH moment. most of all. I miss watching couples in love and falling in love right along with them.

But again. Just My Opinion!!!




2 thoughts on “R U Kidding Me GH!

  1. ITA, if FV/RC cannot write for GH they should neve have been hired, t hey need to leave the Vamps to a writer(Joss Whedon).I am so pissed with these people i could scream. They have come to GH(and I hve no ideal what idiot hired them and tore it apart. RC runs and gets all the old folks when 1/2 pf the people who watch GH know nothing about them or want to know anything about them.I have yet to figure out why the characters, Sabrina,Felix,Britt or Connie or on GH.Diffrent personalities could have been done with anyone that was already on canvas,Liz would have been a good candidate for that.The other three and their storylines was a waste and no creative skills involved.

    Where are the men(not old men)?You have a bunch of women and no men.They brought ove 3 from OLTL.Two was have been enough. Todd was a great addition, and maybe Blair. Starr and John fine is they wee written to come in right.Sam and John should have been related. Sam looks to young for John. Besides Sam should written to do what she does best.Sam was have been a better chose for Anna role than Anna.Sam is a action woman(a today young woman).You took Sonny out his element which was the mob, which should have been kept up.The thing that fans hate FV/RC for is the character Jason. FV/RC came in a rough shot over to the character and stuck John in for him.They try to have jason and Liz together and that didnt go over the first time and thats simply because their was no chemistry none!.They did them for almost 2 years and they sucked. Anothet thing is that Liz should have been involved with someone at the hospital from the beganning!Now you have her being with AJ please!

    Carly is just damn boring, and Carly running after these men is worse. Why not put her back with Sonny?Is Robin coming to stay or what?Getting sick of that dragging storyline.Do not have Nicholas snuffing after homely Liz. How come we never hear about Lucky?Now Johnny is gone and Dr. Steve and Lulu.Its time to get a new producer and a new head writer.Guza was bad,BUT he did one thing right.

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