The GH Francophrenia Apology Tour

So have tried to Bite My Tongue and just sit back and enjoy the unfolding of the conversion of Robert Frank from the Twisted, Vile, Disgusting, Poorly Acted, Artistic Crapfest that came from James Franco, JFP, Frons and BG to the Oh my, He’s just Psychotically Driven and Playfully Crazy version of Roger Howarth as the re-vamped version of Robert Frank or as he likes it FrankQ the missing Quartermaine.

So let’s take a look at the Francophrenia Tour of Apologies:

Sam Morgan:”Sorry I drugged you (again), stalked you, terrorized you and virtually raped you on screen in front of your husband on your honeymoon. Was just trying to teach him to be nice and play well with others.Beside, I closed my eyes when I drugged you and took your naked body to bed, I didn’t peek. Cross my heart!” #My-Bad!!

Sam Morgan:”Sorry I drugged you, kidnapped you from your apartment, placed you in a plastic box with explosives wired to it and tormented your family, friends and boyfriend with your safety being in danger. But hey, the explosives were fake. So were all good right.” (Oh right, he hasn’t apologized for this one yet!!)

Lesley Lu Spencer:”Dear LuLu, So sorry tried to blow you up. But it’s kind of your fault. Was looking for Maxie and you just happened to be there. If you had just stuck to NEVER being at work or doing your job then Maxie would have been on the bomb not you. Beside Look I helped you fall in love with Dante and now your all married and happy. See this was a good mitzvah from me. Thanks for helping me plan the party. It was really great. Glad we can be Besties now.” Love FrancQ

Josslyn Jane Jacks:”Your Mom says you did not like my artistic vision for your nursery. That all pink room was hideous and with my graffiti art you could get a great price and maybe fantastic “Junior Carly” wardrobe. Beside it was Non-Toxic spray and you slept through it all. so we can just move along. ” Kisses from Uncle Franco

Damian Spinelli:”Sorry slept with your girl first night I met her. But hey I’m Sexy and I know it and Maxie likes a little bad in her man. Beside she had a great time. I’m Famous and Rich and your well, NOT.” peace out!

Michael Corinthos:”So now that I showed you the alternative ending DVD of my ingenious plan to cause you more of a scare in prison then a nightmare that remains with you forever, we can build that Uncle/Nephew bond. See I meant for Carter to protect you not seduce you. Who know he was a bad guy? Mean he could have been wrongly incarcerated after all you were. Beside if that insipid Governor and silly District Attorney did not slow Jason from getting to the prison then you would have been okay. So really it’s their fault that your protection fell apart. In any case, I survived been molested in prison and grew to become a successful artist and businessman and can help you now that Jason’s gone to become one also.” So Bygones.

Dear Jason: “So your like Dead. That is such a Bummer! Wanted the game to continue and for us to bond like the brothers we were meant to be. We share so much in common. Killing people and getting away with it. Intimidation as a strength not a weakness. Dealing with our Crazy Aunt Heather, well she’s all kinds of Nutty isn’t she. But since I win the game, just want you to know that you were a fun opponent and if you had better technical assistance from Spinelli, or better aim when upset or vulnerable then you would have won. Oh Well, Next time.”

Well I just feel all kind of warm fuzziness for the funny that is Robert Frank. I mean hey he is a twisted, vile character that no matter if Spencer Tracy was playing him would be a disgusting. There were a thousand other choices that could have incorporated Howarth to the Quartermaines and still made him a fun, viable, character that would high light his quirkiness and great chemistry with both Comedy or Drama.

But, barn is closed and the Wyld Stallion of Crazy is running along the pasture of crap that is this storyline and character. Hope everyone has their boots on. Crap can spread and ruin a lot of things along the way.

But it’s okay because it’s Sorry!




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